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BLUE BEAUTY SERIES. Episode #12. Breaking the Beauty Mold with AYUNA.

February 11, 2021 Hosted by INNOCOS
INNOCOS Beauty Trends and Innovations Network
BLUE BEAUTY SERIES. Episode #12. Breaking the Beauty Mold with AYUNA.
Show Notes

Fireside Chat with Begoña Sanjuán and Isabel Ramos. LESS IS BEAUTY

At Ayuna - Less is Beauty, our mantra speaks to exactly what Blue Beauty represents: creating non-toxic innovations that are safe for our bodies and our planet with less impact on the Earth than traditional alternatives in all areas from ingredient sourcing to our formulas and packaging.

Ayuna have implemented a positive environmental impact in a number of ways but our most advanced opportunity is the procurement of our purest and most potent ingredients - Phyto-Peptides and Plasmas Rich in Botanical Cell Factors obtained from plant stem cell cultures through a high-tech patented process that is both sustainable and ecological:

Lab cultures do not consume natural biomass
Provides a high-performance process
Savings of over 99% in water consumption compared to traditional cultures
Savings of over 99% in arable land use over traditional cultivation methods
Allows for reproduction of endangered species without affecting their ecological niches

Ayuna use clean and safe technology to ensure all ingredients in our formulas are obtained in a way that does not produce polluting waste or use organic solvents or chemical reactants, leaving no traces of impurities that pose a risk to the safety of the product. Their formulas ensure our ingredients are procured without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Their packaging also represents a commitment to our environmental impact: Their jars are created to be as lightweight as possible, reducing our carbon footprint for each and every order shipment. The material for our jars themselves is Urea Resin, a raw material that uses no halogens or organic solvents, making them fully recyclable. The carbon footprint for the creation of this aminoplastic is also much smaller than conventional plastics, translating into minimal environmental impact and less energy consumption in production. Their boxes are fully recyclable. Their labels are also printed using vegetable ink versus conventional options.

Their most Innovative Packaging in Blue Beauty is represented in our seasonal offering collection, TERRA. The vessel for TERRA is 100% ceramic and an artisanal gem. There are no plastic linings, making the container both recyclable and biodegradable. TERRA, the Spanish word for Earth, was chosen for this specialty collection as the vessel can be crushed and returned to the Earth making it the most sustainable packaging available. This year, TERRA BELLA’s stoneware is a leafy green epitomizing freshness, elegance, delight and, of course, nature.

Tune in for a conversation with Begoña Sanjuán and Isabel Ramos and ask your question about Less if Beauty concept. This webinar will also be available on demand at the Past Events section in the Beauty Influence Network.

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