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Episode #11, BLUE BEAUTY series: Fireside chat with Shirley Billot, CEO, Kadalys

February 04, 2021 Hosted by INNOCOS
INNOCOS Beauty Influence Network
Episode #11, BLUE BEAUTY series: Fireside chat with Shirley Billot, CEO, Kadalys
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After a short holidays break, we are resuming our Blue Beauty webinar and podcast series, hosted every Thursday at the same time and facilitated by Jeannie Jarnot, Founder of Beauty Heroes and leader of the Blue Beauty movement. Tune in and hear from the industry’s leading brand founders, entrepreneurs and thought leaders about the future of beauty, and how they are building businesses that leave the planet better, and bluer, than they found it. From zero-waste packaging to regenerative practices, you’ll discover why materials matter, how to make philanthropy the foundation of a profitable business model, and which innovative brands are leading the blue beauty revolution. In each episode, we’ll share what it takes to be considered for our annual Blue Beauty Award, in partnership with Beauty Heroes. 

Our first guest next Thursday is @Shirley Billot, CEO or Kadalys. 

Originated in the French Caribbean Kadalys is a business of firsts. It is the first eco-conscious beauty brand to upcycle banana agri-waste into patented organic actives exclusively developed to rejuvenate the skin. Its progressive use of a circular economy model gives back to local community and to nature. - Integrating 100% of the banana producers we work with as shareholders in our capital
- Educating women from the French West Indies to empower a new generation in the fields of science and business, areas that are under-represented and lacking in Martinique
Investing in young women offers an incalculable benefit to Martinique where the levels of unemployment are twice as high as in mainland France particularly in the under 30s. Science is a field that provides long term and diverse qualifications and coupled with a greater understanding of the world of business delivers multiple opportunities for the island’s labour market. This social consideration is indicative of Kadalys all-encompassing commitment to sustainability and being a catalyst for good that goes far beyond the realms of many cosmetic businesses. Kadalys is for the now and the future.

This webinar will be recorded and available on - demand in our past events section.

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